Hutong Town Town Planning Concept in Key Words

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The density of the housing development depends on the size of the houses and lies between 55-110 houses per ha gross building land ( respectively 72-178 houses per ha effective net area), corresponding to140-56sqm single building lots (respectively 535 maximum inhabitants per ha effective net area).


on the living level no traffic (1, see previous page), at (2) only alleys, (3) access to traffic using for example staircase. Every residential area is bordered on three sides by private pedestrian walks or streets with a limit of 10 km/h with "roll-fronted shops" (used as shops, workshop, storeroom or car-park) on both sides. These shops are the place of every imaginable commercial activity of the inhabitants, who in case of unemployment can establish an alternative work place or earn their living with rent payments.(In case of high housing density double row of shops possible). The fourth side is formed by a public street.(4)

The residential areas are connected by pedestrian staircases ( rigid and build with the required crown height) which simultaneously serve as a barrier for through traffic (detour) respectively can be raised hydraulically to let lorries pass or they could be build like traditional Chinese bridges. 
Fire warning installations like hydrants and hose cases will be distributed across the residential areas. The building height along the emergency passage is restricted to one-storey buildings and can be drawn up as fire protection walls. The residential areas can be locked at night.
claim of ownership:
One residential area (for example 2.6 ha) constitutes one claim of ownership. All pedestrian walks and squares, the private streets (up to the middle of the street) and the " roll-fronted shops" (one house-one shop).
ecological components:
Rain water storage in wells - use in grey water area. The heating energy can be reduced using a reduced outside surface (in case of fully glazing this is a reduction of 14%) Other devices like power and heat coupling, methane gas installation, warm water collector and so on should be used when economically advisable.