Hutong Town Residential Buildings

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When we wandered through Beijing's hutongs years ago and became acquainted with the variations of the classical Chinese residential building, the idea arose to construct just this form of living concept in Germany. We then built one small unit of 6 houses and received first prize in a German-wide competition for newly built houses from the German journal "Das Haus".
We also think the idea that developed out of the hutong form of housing points the way to further town planning development. (see Hutong Town/ Town Planning)


We modified the classical residential building as follows
The transformation process of the residential building
Hutong Town - residential building - Hutong

Classical Chinese residential building





One side wing is omitted, but the second side wing has two storeys.


Access to the house from south-east, respectively south-west, the alley is located in north-south direction.


3. The roof of the living room is folded back to increase winter sunlight.
Hutong Town - residential building - new Hutong-style house
The transformations 1-3 facilitates the building of extensions on three sides and a greater living density. Houses of different size can be build close together. A conventional construction of the house partition walls enable the erection/assembly of prefabricated houses.
Further Advantages: reduced building casts, better use of heating energy.