Hutong Town Residential buildings

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The building of a group of one-storey to two-storey residential buildings facilitates a great density of housing development. A satisfactory ground plan is made up of building sites at least 60 sqm. One of the indispensable characteristics of the houses is the courtyard occupying a third of the building site. The courtyard can have a glazing like a greenhouse and this way be used for two thirds of the year, regardless of rain or storm. The glass roof can be opened by motor or the glass roof can be build with solid glazing and ventilation flaps. The shading installation works independently and fully automatically. The courtyard is not heated. - It is the optical highlight of the house, especially in the evening and with suitable lighting. The courtyard and the living area might be secured from the outside by curtains and walls.

The glass roof on top of the courtyard is just a suggestion. It can be omitted as well as constructed later on. 

The courtyard, at last, is delightful with its greenery and pools (see example).
The angled construction of the houses as well as the glazing-covered courtyards serves as an effective acoustical barrier for street noise and neighbors.

The roof terrace can be opened hydraulically and constitutes an additional free space. This free space encourages a long, clear view depending on the development situation. The solution using a flap creates a visibility barrier and other variations of use.

The houses can be accessed via the courtyards and traffic-free pedestrian walks. The pedestrian walks carry partial or full glass roofs.